Door-Type Dishwashers

An open door to an easier, faster clean with Hobart Commercial Dishwashers.

Get two dishwashers in one with the AM Select dishwasher. ENERGY STAR® and NSF Certified to clean and sanitize both pots and pans, delicate glasses, dishes and other ware, the AM Select saves you the expense of either buying a dishwasher exclusively for pots and pans or having to dedicate hours of labor to scrubbing, scraping and cleaning pots and pans.

Hobart's Advansys Ventless door-type dishwasher is the first high-temp, ventless, door-type dishwasher featuring Energy Recovery. The recovery cycle captures water vapor and condenses it to heat the incoming cold-water inlet for the final rinse cycle. This process allows you to save up to $1,568 a year in water and energy costs. Eliminating the need for a ventilation hood makes the AM Select Ventless easy to install. Since there is no vent, there is no need for ductwork for the ventilation hood, saving you approximately $3,500 in vent installation costs.

The LT-1 low-temp chemical warewasher is Hobart’s most affordable door-type dishwasher. Cleaning up to 37 racks per hour, using only 1.7 gallons of water per rack, the LT-1 is the perfect starter dishwasher for those looking for Hobart dishwashing performance at a very attractive price. Both commercial dishwashers—the LT-1 and the AM Select—deliver industry-leading Hobart cleaning.

For more, on the pros and cons of high temp vs low temp commercial dishwashers see our latest post or learn more by clicking through the door-type dishwashers below. Contact us online with questions or call (888) 378-1338 now for expert assistance.

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